Enjoying a Pool or Jacuzzi at Home


Having a pool or jacuzzi at home can undoubtedly be seen as the height of luxury and perhaps out of reach for most people. However, it can be surprisingly easy to achieve this dream. This blog will convince readers that building a pool or installing a jacuzzi is quite affordable. Fascinating articles written by industry experts include topics on how a pool can add value to a home, how to find smaller jacuzzis for limited space and whether planning permission is required. Inspirational photographs will encourage visitors to read further on the subject.

Maintenance of a Jacuzzi

21 Mar 2022

Installing a jacuzzi can be pretty expensive, but the actual ongoing costs are often hidden. Jacuzzis require regular maintenance and the use of chemicals to ensure the water is clean, free of bacteria, and not contaminated. Filters will also need to be changed on a weekly basis.

Is Planning Permission Required for a Pool?

15 Feb 2022

When actually thinking of installing a pool in your grounds, you need to consider if planning permission from the relevant authorities is required. Of course, regulations vary depending on which country you are in. The pool may be classed as permitted development, depending on its size.

Keeping a Hot Tub Clean

11 Jan 2022

As much fun as having a hot tub is, keeping it clean does require a lot of work. The water can become cloudy due to contamination. Any foam on the surface of the water will need to be removed. This will require the use of chlorinating granules.

Does a Pool Add Value to a Home?

8 Dec 2021

You might think that installing a swimming pool would add value to your home, but this is not always the case. The cost of a pool is incredibly expensive, and your house is unlikely to increase in value by that same amount.